Group Coaching

Group Coaching is working together towards a specific goal. It is very important to have the goal clarified and that everybody who are involved know what the purpose is with the coaching.

We are using different methods and tools but the most valuable are the people who are in the group. It is very powerful with group coaching when there are unclear roles and responsibilities or other kind of challenges within a business or organisation.

Group coaching is a positive way of working for achieving results and there is nothing which cannot be developed and improved. Don’t be surprised if you will see a positive change in the mindset of the participants who are attending the group coaching.

The coaching is based on working with the participants experiences, strengths and talents which we are using for achieving results.

I have been doing it in Argentina and Sweden in a collaboration with my supervisor at eMindSetlab. It was also common when coaching international teams as a project manager and team leader at IBM and business developer at Ericsson.

The participants will always have the possibility to ask questions through email or social media for working on the activities they are getting at the end of each session. There is no extra fee!

Individual Coaching

In the individual coaching we are focusing on career, lifestyle and wellbeing. A mix or one of the mentioned coaching topics and it depends on your needs and what you want to achieve with the coaching.

We start with clarifying your goal with the coaching and the time can be everything from one session to several depending on your need with the coaching. You will get an estimation for the coaching and a common amount of sessions are 5 times during 3 months.

The coaching is based on your experiences, strengths and talents which we are using for achieving results.

The career coaching can also include a collaboration with recruiters who are searching for staff and employees except for what you can do to improve your own career skills.

You have always possibility to ask questions through email or social media related to the activities you are getting at each session. There is no extra fee!

Lectures - Workshops

If you want to improve the communication and collaboration within the organisation or have other challenges that needs to be highlighted it can be useful with a lecture – workshop.

I am lecturing and running workshops for all kind of organisations and people. The most important is that you have a clear purpose and goal with the lecture – workshop.

There are no limits and we start with a meeting to decide what you want to achieve and see if I shall do it or any of my collaborators. My customers and clients satisfaction is the most important.

My experiences the last years are related to coaching inmates in prisons, ex. alcohol, drug addicts and ex. criminals, defectors and abused women. I have also experiences from coaching companies, managers and business people who wants to change career and start with something new.