About us

Christer Edman

Career Wellbeing Coach

I work as a career -, lifestyle – and health coach with alcohol and drug addicts, ex. criminals and abused people. Some previous job roles have been project manager at IBM and business developer at Ericsson.

My goal is to coach and inspire people to use their experiences and skills and build on new tools so that they can move forward in their careers, feel better and become more productive in their daily work.

Since I work with confidential information, I have chosen to train and certify myself as a professional coach, PCC according to the International Coaching Federation, ICF. This means that I follow ICF’s Ethical Guidelines, “ICF Code of Ethics“.

As a person, I am driven by a curiosity about the future and work for solutions that create growth and development. The coaching is based on the clients and their needs so that they achieve results. This is my motivation and makes me happy.

“With 100% commitment and curiosity for the future, Christer inspires new unique opportunities”. Summary of 12 managers, work colleagues and customers over the years as project manager and self-employed.

Rosha Ch

Coach Trainee & Marketing Assistant

I’m Rosha, a voice for women’s rights and a voice against honor culture. I’ve experienced the challenges of an abusive relationship firsthand, but I didn’t let it define me. Now, I’m on a mission to raise awareness, fight for my rights, and empower other women to do the same. It is a journey of resilience, strength, and breaking free from societal norms. Together, we can make a difference.