Welcome to Christer Coach

Welcome to Christer Coach which is a blog and network with my friends and what we are doing.

The purpose is to inspire and give advice and tips in coaching and networking to get new ideas and thoughts.

I arrived in Cordoba, Argentina on the 11th of March 2020 after an invitation from my friends Veronica and Robert. The day after on the 12th of March I was quarantined and on the 20th of March it was lockdown in the whole country.

On the 10th of April was my return ticket canceled and the next time was on the 26th of June was canceled. The third time was on the 2nd of September which was canceled too.

From the 1 of July I have not got any kind of unemployment money even if I have paid since 5 years for my unemployment insurance. The Swedish Public Employment Service refuse to sign me in and say that I must be in Sweden. They are not caring at all about the pandemic only referring to their rules.

The situation got me to start up Spanish lessons and an ICF Coach Federation education which I finished the first step with a Diploma in December. I continuing the education and my Certification will be in November 2021.

You are very welcome to contact me if you need a coach who cares about your career and future.

We at eMindSet Lab have had a collaboration between Argentina and Sweden and extending it now with more Latin American countries.

The content here consists of crafts, travel, excursions, insurance, jobs, housing and various activities.

Warm welcome,
Christer Edman

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