Celebrating 1 year in Cordoba, Argentina

Celebrating 1 year in Cordoba, Argentina

Today it is 1 year since I arrived in Argentina and then I did not understand that this was the first trip abroad that I would be trapped and not be able to visit new places and travel freely as I always could on my previous trips abroad.

From the beginning, I learned that tourists are often robbed and that many see us Westerners as “gringos” with money and valuables.

That I traveled to Bulgaria, Gambia, Tunisia, South Korea, the Caribbean, the United States, Iceland and all countries in Europe for over 50 years and saw most things and is always careful does not apply in Latin America, I was told.

Since almost no one speaks English here and I would stay for a while, I listened carefully and took all advice seriously. Decided to learn Spanish and to stay to take advantage of the opportunities to learn about Argentina and another culture.

I also wanted to challenge myself to feel how it feels for all the migrants who have come to Sweden and can not understand the language, culture and make themselves understood.

It has given me a completely different understanding and insight into how vulnerable I feel. Everything that has been known and is natural to me in my home country and speaking the same language becomes like a wall that has been set up now.

It has been even more challenging due to PANdemic #Covid19 which has prevented me from even taking a walk during the first months. Whenever I travel to other countries, I usually take walks and increase the area as I get to know the area.

But instead of complaining, I have looked at the possibilities and chose to study at a distance and graduate as an ICF Coach and during this year I will also be certified.

Now I start up groups with a maximum of 8 participants who I will coach on 5 occasions remotely via Zoom. It will be for you who want to be more efficient in your job search or make a lifestyle change.

Warm welcome!
Christer Edman



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