Do you need a coach to achieve your goals?

We set goals to achieve what we want in life and sometimes we need support to achieve them therefore I am now offering you my services as a Coach.

I have been working my whole life on setting goals and how to achieve them for myself and others as a coach, project manager, team leader and entrepreneur.

I am currently in Argentina since March last year and have traveled to many countries.

To meet new people and see different places and learn about cultures and traditions makes me to feel alive. It gives me opportunities both in work and freetime.

My goal for 2021 is to become a Certified ICF Coach and on Friday is the start up for my education. I am already an ICF Diploma Coach and finished the step 1 in December last year.

A visit to a pilot client in Latin America

We are meeting many contacts in Latin America. This is how we take care at eMindSet LATAM. Always facemask and keeping distance!

If you want a Coach to set up your goals and knowing how to achieve them you are warm welcome to contact me.

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